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What to do when your child gets clingy and over emotional for no reason

I’m excited to offer the first ever Confident Parent Moment to you! This week I answered a question that came in from a mother asking me about what it means and what she should do when her daughter becomes clingy and tearful…and then overly emotional and sad for “no reason.”

Moments like this can be super difficult to read and understand, especially when you’re in the throws of trying to calm them and figure it all out! In this short video, I’ll break down what’s happening for children in these moments and what you can do to turn it around.

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I am Dr. Victoria, therapist, speaker and trainer to professionals and organizations all over the world. In my 17+ year career I’ve supported people of all ages and backgrounds, dubbed the “parent whisperer” for consistently generating relationship success between partners, and parents with kids. I have been in the depths of what most of them are going through, not as a parent myself, but as a child.


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