From Anxious to Calm

A Training For Parents On Understanding And Managing Your Child’s Anxiety With Confidence And Clarity



september, 2023

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Fear No More: The Reality Behind
Popular Parenting Myths

Dispel the myths for a fearless approach to parenting.

From Anxious to Calm:

A Training For Parents On Understanding And Managing Their Child’s Anxiety With Confidence And Clarity:


Your Journey to a happier, healthier mind & life: Questions to ask to find your therapist

knowing how to find the best fit therapist for you or a loved one can be challenging.

A Boundary Setting Cheat Sheet: One Pager for Supporting Your Kids

The conversation about boundaries doesn’t have to wait for us to be adults to happen.

The Get Real Method™:
 Pocket Guide + Family Guide

This free bundle guide will help you align your Real True Self with who you are being with those in any scenario. 


Yelling at your children?

In this week’s Confident Parent Moment, I talk about yelling … we all have the potential to do it and it rarely gives us the kind of outcome we’re looking for with our partners, kids, or anyone we’re trying to connect meaningfully with.

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“That Moment” sheds light on the possible outcome of Posttraumatic Growth in the wake of an experience that overwhelms our ability to cope. The talk highlights influential and inspiring individuals in the world and their stories of struggle through a moment in their life or many experiences that challenged them and contributed to their success, elevation, and joy.

Surfacing: From The Depths Of Self-Doubt To Winning Big & Living Fearlessly Victoria speaks to Siri Lindley!

“Surfacing: From The Depths Of Self-Doubt To Winning Big & Living Fearlessly” – Siri is a world champion athlete, coach, speaker, author, and survivor! With compassion, love, and energy hard to not feel lifted by, Siri shares from her heart about the triumphs in her life as well as the challenges that she experienced along the way. 

Dr. Victoria spoke with Amanda Chen about her journey within. 

Amanda shared about her rise to success launching a niche cocktail salt company, and the role that curiosity and courage have played in her decisions to pivot to living an authentic existence. Amanda discusses the writing of her memoir, dives into examining her beliefs about men and masculinity, and exposes the very nature of self-discovery with vulnerability and strength.

Dr. Victoria Grinman spoke with Gunny Sodhi, CEO of Youveda, who is on a mission towards supporting people in their healing process with the help of natural ingredients. 

Dr. V met Gunny while participating in a mastery event and gravitated towards his energy, desire to contribute, and the story of growth through struggle following a significant loss. Gunny Sodhi’s family roots in Ayurvedic medicine stretch across generations, but he didn’t personally understand the power of Ayurveda until tragedy struck. 

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