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Power in the Pause: Navigating Tense Moments with Your Child and Partner

Have you ever heard someone say or have you ever said or thought, “We can’t go to bed angry!

If so, you’re among so many of us that have a really hard time ending the day with something unfinished, especially if it involves a partner or child. 

In this week’s Confident Parent Moment I talk about how staying up until it’s done or trying to “fix” something in one sitting is like eating a cookie in one bite (spoiler alert! it’s messy and doesn’t end so well!) I share some tips that will help you change your mindset about these tense moments and I’ll give you some ways of handling these situations with more calm and ease.

If you like this episode, please  share it with someone you think might benefit. As my own mother used to say to me, “the more we share, the more we have.”

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I am Dr. Victoria, therapist, speaker and trainer to professionals and organizations all over the world. In my 17+ year career I’ve supported people of all ages and backgrounds, dubbed the “parent whisperer” for consistently generating relationship success between partners, and parents with kids. I have been in the depths of what most of them are going through, not as a parent myself, but as a child.


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