Are you a committed and busy parent who wants to feel successful in your parenthood journey?

Permission Slip Parenting™️ is an intuitive and effective approach to supporting parents who want to have deep connection with their kids and family, self-confidence in their role as parents and focused clarity to make decisions that align with what they really want. 

Here's the truth:

You are NOT responsible for your child's happiness and success.

You ARE responsible for the environment where those seeds of joy are planted and nurtured.

YOU are that environment.

This is the time to focus on you.

Ask Yourself...

• Are you tired of feeling frantic and living in constant chaos?

• Does every day feel like a game of whack-a-mole, going from one thing to another without a moment to breathe or connect with your kids, let alone yourself?

Do you try to understand your child’s needs but can’t seem to get it right?

Are you doing your best but it feels like it is not enough?

• Do you have a hard time connecting or playing with your kiddo, or feel like you’re pulling teeth to get your teen to open up to you and share?

• Is there a part of you that feels inauthentic, like an imposter or even unworthy of getting support in how you’re feeling right now?

• Do you feel burnt out?

•Do you repeat unhealthy relationship patterns and old dynamics?

•Do you compare your insides to other people’s outsides?

•Do you beat yourself up for not having it “all figured out”?

•Do you wish you had the PERMISSION to just get REAL?

If YOU recognize yourself in this list, then this is for you.

Keep reading 

for the answers you need

to benefit you and every relationship you have

and will have in your life,

especially the one with your child.

Leave behind your chaos, confusion and need for control by learning how to meet your needs and the needs of your child—so you can finally enjoy your parenthood journey and be the parent YOU want to be in any situation!

What if you had the permission to...

• Be real

• Feel how you feel

• Not have to step over your needs

• Say No or Yes more easily

• Not like how it’s going

• Love exactly where you are at

• Have everything you are committed to having

without feeling bad, guilty or apologetic.

You might be a parent to a newborn or young child...

…and feel like you are not sure what it means to be your “best” version of parent for you. You read all the books, take all the workshops and keep up with all the latest parenting trends and ideas, but you still can’t seem to make it work for you. You’re ready to find the thing that will bring it all together.

Or you are a parent to a teen or young adult…

…and secretly wondering, “Is this all there is?” “Is this what parenthood is about?” “Am I ever going to have the kind of relationship I’ve wanted with my kids?” Or you may know you are not fulfilled in your parenthood journey  but you simply do not know how to make it better.

A proven 9-week guided jounrey that puts you in a new state of authentic and extraordinary being, empowering yourself and your child towards possibilities for true connection, fulfillment and joy.


Jennifer Cohen Harper


In the eight years that I’ve known Victoria, she has impressed me with her compassion, her clarity, and her ability to offer loving support without judgement. With Permission Slip Parenting she has taken her experience as a therapist and created an opportunity to learn and grow in community. I know it will help many parents and their children find their way to thriving.

Jennifer Cohen Harper, founder of Little Flower Yoga and Mindfulness and author of the Thank You Children’s Series: Books for Building Gratitude, Self-Compassion and Personal Power

Permission Slip Parenting ™

Giving yourself and others close to you the freedom and space to be real, authentic and fully expressed about needs and wants, and experience the relationship without concern for judgment or consequence of not being loved or accepted. 

That’s why this work is  important and effective for so many. Confident parents truly do raise connected kids. This process is designed to rewire your limiting beliefs about what your journey can and cannot be, what you can and cannot show up as in your parenting, and transforms your approach to how you think about yourself and your child. You get to actually have the possibility of love, joy and fulfillment that you have always wanted.

You will learn how to actually use the tools you already have in any situation that comes up, show up as your most authentic self with anyone, and model for your child the very things that you want so much for them to have: independence, joy and the courage to create any possibility in their life.

Designed from almost two decades of clinical experience by psychotherapist, coach and renowned trainer and speaker, Dr. Victoria Grinman, this 9 week coaching program is methodically constructed to help transform your experience of parenthood and relationship with your child from surviving to thriving.

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What Makes Permission Slip Parenting ™ Unique

The Permission Slip Parenting ™ framework  integrates learnings and wisdom from many various sources with the goal of giving you access to your own felt experience as a parent, freeing you from old stories, notions and beliefs about what it is and what it is not. It gives you access to communication and decision making that is deliberate and intentional rather than reactive, automatic and past-driven. Imagine living the possibility of being someone that is fully expressed and can be with any communication someone gives you, to know who you truly are and can be the person and parent you want to be.

Permission Slip Parenting ™ will give you the tools you need to parent well, and it is not another program focused solely on how to parent or giving you strategies around parenting. You can get those from other coaching programs, articles and books that are probably on your bookshelf right now. While tools and techniques are a large part of the modules later in this program, what we really focus on most is the journey of being a parent, or what is otherwise known as the parenthood experience

Throughout these weeks together, you will be granted permission to be real with yourself and others in a way you’ve never dared to be, so that you can have the authentic connections you want. When you are REAL and grant permission for others to show up as such, you are able to live your truth and be the parent you want to be. Your kids will want to share with you, your conversations will flow with more ease and you will no longer feel stuck about what to do.

This is about your parenthood journey, but remember:

This way of experiencing parenthood benefits you AND your child. Your child enjoys you as a parent without worrying about the consequences that often come with asking for what we want, making a mistake, disappointing and voicing our needs. That kind of freedom is a gift that will keep on giving long after the 9 weeks are up.

What is the REAL method? What does it mean to get "real"?



  • Am I focused on being RIGHT or to seek understanding?
  • Am I creating an EMPOWERING CONTEXT or a limiting one?
  • Am I ATTACHED to it being a certain way or am I  committed to an outcome?
  • Am I LEADING with love?

There is power in excellent questions and in being authentic and true in your ways of being and communicating. With these questions, you can determine where your reactions and responses are coming from. 
This will help you get curious with yourself and support the change in the way you communicate forever. 



  • Cultivate and communicate your curiosity and understanding 
  • Create and sustain an empowering context for you and your child to thrive in
  • Let go of being attached and start becoming committed to a desired outcome
  • Lead with love and agency for yourself and your child
  • Increase your capacity to find solutions and be supported
  • Move on with ease

Here’s what makes Permission Slip Parenting ™ unlike anything you’ve done before:


PERMISSION SLIP PARENTING ™  isn’t just another self-help book or course that tells you what to do but not HOW to actually do it. It’s a fully supported and expertly guided discovery of what truly matters to you, your authentic self, what it means for you to be a parent to a child, and what you need to be fulfilled and empowered no matter what the journey brings forth to you.

Approached with a therapeutic methodology and applied practicality, all of the exercises and tools are designed for use in your real life, with your unique family, culture and circumstances.

Step-by-step, you will learn how to be intentional in your decision making,  leverage your self awareness to identify the core need behind your own and your child’s behaviors, and tap into your inner resources to take on any situation on your journey authentically and with confidence. You will identify the limiting beliefs and roadblocks that keep you stuck, and learn to communicate with compassion, love and unshakeable truth. You will learn how to call on these techniques at anytime, anywhere through therapeutic daily practices and tools.


This program is designed to transform your internal and external world in just 12 weeks time. You will learn not just the strategies to use in any given moment, but how to apply them to your life and your child as they grow, at any developmental stage. The insights you will get from engaging in this self-inquiry will transform the way you think about parenthood, parenting and what is possible. You will feel more certain, confident, clear and courageous in the face of any challenge, and your relationships will improve through deeper and more clear communication, commitment and awareness of what is truly important to you. 

Approached with a therapeutic methodology and applied practicality, all of the exercises and tools are designed for use in your real life, with your unique family and circumstances.

Step-by-step, you will learn how to be intentional in your decision making,  leverage your self awareness to identify the core need behind your own and your child’s behaviors, and tap into your inner resources to take on any situation on your journey authentically and with confidence. You will identify the limiting beliefs and roadblocks that keep you stuck, and learn to communicate with compassion, love and unshakeable truth. You will learn how to call on these techniques at anytime, anywhere through therapeutic daily practices, meditations and tools.

YOU WILL GET REAL AND SO WILL THE COACHING - nothing will slide or be left unturned

If you have worked with Victoria or seen her speak, you know that she has a compassionate and straightforward way of delivering some of the most hard to understand principles. Her coaching style resembles candor and compassion, always honest and on your side. When she speaks in a room of filled with many, she has the gift of communicating with each person uniquely, leaving them feeling gotten and seen. Her gift is making the complicated simple, and telling you exactly what you need to hear (not always what you want to hear) with the utmost respect and love. 

She leads with unshakeable intuition and commitment to people getting what they need, no matter what. 

As a licensed psychotherapist and coach, Victoria isn’t just giving you more knowledge, she is sharing a new language and way of BEING that will transform the way you live your life and function in your relationships. She will be your guide inside of unpacking the information on weekly calls, and also in coaching you so you can get questions answered, and stay engaged and inspired.

Approached with a therapeutic methodology and applied practicality, all of the exercises and tools are designed for use in your real life, with your unique family and circumstances.

Step-by-step, you will learn how to be intentional in your decision making,  leverage your self awareness to identify the core need behind your own and your child’s behaviors, and tap into your inner resources to take on any situation on your journey authentically and with confidence. You will identify the limiting beliefs and roadblocks that keep you stuck, and learn to communicate with compassion, love and unshakeable truth. You will learn how to use these techniques at anytime, anywhere through therapeutic daily practices and tools.

meet your instructor

About Dr. Victoria Grinman

I am Dr. Victoria, therapist, speaker and trainer to professionals and organizations all over the world. In my 17+ year career I’ve supported people of all ages and backgrounds, dubbed  the “parent whisper”  for consistently generating relationship success between partners, and parents with kids. I have been in the depths of what most of them are going through, not as a parent myself, but as a child. 

As a refugee immigrant, I had a compelling and unique childhood surrounded by opportunity. Even with boundless love and encouragement, I experienced adults who sometimes could not regulate their emotions, and therefore I felt I couldn’t have mine. I spent much of my younger years oscillating between the questions: “Am I lovable?” and “Am I enough?” These questions followed me into my chosen relationships, the most significant one being the relationship I have with myself.  

In my work I have witnessed kids suffering in their childhood because their parents do not know how to meet their own needs enough to be aware of and meet the needs of their child. I have been with parents who want joy and success for their child but have no clue how to help them get there. I want this cycle in families to end and I know how to help it. I have been doing the work one family at a time and now I am on a mission to support many families at one time so we can put an end to the cycle of  intergenerational trauma. 

Dr. Victoria Grinman  is the founder of Permission Slip Parenting ™ a groundbreaking approach to guiding parents in connecting to a more fulfilled parenthood journey that supports their joy, confidence and sustained connection and growth with themselves and their child throughout their lifetime. She is an expert in the experience of Posttraumatic Growth, the parenthood experience, Autism, and relationships. 

Dr. Grinman is a licensed clinical social worker and earned her PhD at Adelphi University and MSW at Columbia University. She served as a contributing lecturer at Columbia University, Boston College and Adelphi University, and speaks nationally to professionals dedicated to the healthcare arena. Victoria is a trauma-informed and trained yoga and mindfulness instructor, a certified aromatherapist and a dedicated long-time clinician volunteer for Experience Camps, a free one-week grief camp experience for children who have lost a significant person in their life. She nurtures Growing Kind Minds LLC, a private therapy and coaching practice and lives with her sassy Yorkie, Vanna Goh Goh, named after Vincent van Gogh. She resides in New York City. 

What You Get

The Permission Slip Parenting 9 week journey will contain everything you need to gain awareness, learn powerful tools and get expert guidance from Dr. Victoria herself. Every week you’ll be part of a live discussion and unpacking of a module, which you can join from your computer, tablet or mobile phone from the convenience of any place you find yourself in the world (I suggest your comfy couch, but anywhere will do).

When you schedule your breakthrough call, you receive a 45 minute complimentary consult with Dr. Victoria where she will help you understand where you are, where you’re going and a unique roadmap to getting you there.

Here’s what each module is composed of:

A WEEKLY live meeting with Dr. Victoria to unpack the new material

  • These transformative weekly lessons provide proven results. They are laser focused on achievable goals so you can see real results in your life week to week! It is recommended that you attend each session live so you can get the most out of engagement. 

A set of integration exercises

  • Weekly take-home integration exercises take your cognitive  understanding of the content to the next level by making it unique to you. Thinking about and understanding the information is not enough to make it work for you in your life. Knowledge without action is useless. The practice of what you learn is what will take the information you learn in the 9 weeks and make it sustainable for your relationships in your life long after we get done.

Weekly Live Coaching where Victoria answers your Qs!

  • Another set of calls specifically set aside to answer your questions.

  • Taking this stuff into your life means making it work for you in your own family and circumstances.

  • In our weekly live group coaching sessions, you will have the opportunity to ask specific questions and get personalized answers from Victoria directly.

Private Community with Dr. Victoria Grinman

  • There is nothing more empowering than the collective group. You will gain access to a private, safe space where you can meet other parents, share stories, get support and grow alongside one another. The energy that comes from the whole is palpable!

A Guided Therapeutic Meditation

  • Each week, the suggested therapeutic meditations will support you in integrating new behaviors and thought processes. They are simple, successful and sustainable tools you can use whenever you need.

The Curriculum

We spend one week on each core step on the journey towards transformation. Each module focuses on a different aspect of self awareness and self-mastery through guided lessons, discussions and real-time coaching with Dr. Victoria.

The curriculum is supported by weekly live group coaching calls in the private Facebook group that are an intimate experience and empowering opportunity to be coached personally by Victoria on any challenges that get in the way, as well as celebrating gains and wins.

*DISCLAIMER: if you cannot make these weekly meetings – don’t worry! All recordings will be made available.

Weeks 1+2+3

Self Awareness: Core, Clarity + Consciousness

Weeks 4+5+6

Emotion Mastery: Connection, Capacity + Communication

Weeks 7+8+9

Integration: Collaboration, Commitment + Completeness

How is this done?

We start with gaining self awareness around what we want to gain from this work together. We explore what it is we want, and what it is we REALLY want and need. We tap into critical distinctions between what we have learned about what it means to be a parent, and the unique gifts that come with focusing on the parenthood journey.

We continue on the path of Self-Awareness. So many times we experience friction-filled moments, focused on what we do not want rather than what we desire. We are so often operating from an unconscious and automatic way of being, that we are not even aware of how we are contributing to our own challenges. 

In these modules we will look at how to assess our own behavior and start making small changes that make a big difference. We will use the transformation blueprint to assess where we are now and where we are going. It is only when we are able to pinpoint where we are now that we can pave a path forward. This blueprint will help you stay the course and support your journey every step of the way.


We cannot give children something we don’t have ourselves. As much as you want to connect with your child, you first need to connect with yourself, this is self-mastery. 

Together, we will explore your needs, how to meet those needs, and how to best identify the needs within your kiddo. We’ll  take a close look at the interactions you have had in your past as a child, and those you’re helping to create with your child today, getting rid of roadblocks that keep you from relating to them authentically. Finally, we will discuss the easy ways to connect with your kid, no matter the circumstance, with judgment-free compassion, starting NOW.

During this module, we explore one of the most important things that will take you from chaotic to connected. We will do a deep dive into your inner resources and how to approach situations when your cup is not full or has runneth over. We look at what it means to give yourself a permission slip to be imperfect, feel your feelings and everything in between. We explore the inner resources within you that can be used – breath, body and mind, and external resources – to create more space to respond deliberately and with conscious intention. It is in this week that we look at the power of modeling and self-leadership.

This week is dedicated to communication, one of the most powerful tools we have in making sure our kids feel seen, heard and understood. Communication is not just about the things we say, but it is also about the things we do not say. We will discuss what effective communication looks like, the power of questions, debunk myths about what kids need from us and cultivate the inner-power to choose our words and communicate authentically what we really want to say.

We continue to expand on the resources around us, such as our own community, to meet needs and support us. So much of the time we are used to doing it all ourselves, and while the idea of asking for help is simple, it is an art that is unknown and not practiced. We will dive deeply into the various ways of having it all without doing it all (alone), and how to leverage the strengths of others to fill in.

Here we explore the things that keep us stuck or moving backwards. We will look at the powerful distinction between commitment and attachment, and get real about the kind of parenthood experience you are truly committed to creating. You will get tips on how to notice the signs of being attached, and the strategies to refocus on what you are really committed to.

During this session we get real about the ways to deal with challenges powerfully and with greater ease. We will explore how to move on more quickly, let go more readily and accept with more grace the things that we cannot change (even though we may really want to). 

Experience your breakthrough

People pay thousands of dollars a year to work with Dr. Victoria in-person, but you won’t have to spend anywhere near as much to get your breakthrough because the program is designed to be highly valuable and time efficient.

Dr. Victoria has packaged everything she has studied, learned, lived and researched into a 9 week experience that is no longer just accessible to the 1:1 clients she works with in her practice. She has created an experience that will take you through the very things she hopes every parent would know and explore to have the kind of relationship with their child that they truly want and deserve (and that their child truly deserves!)

Begin now to learn from one of the most intuitive thought leaders in the field of parenthood and parent-child relationship success.

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