Counseling & Coaching for your child, teen, & young adults

If you’re visiting this page, you’re already thinking about how to support your child in living with joy, coping with a challenge, or even meeting a specific goal. All kids are unique and possess so many strengths!

Together, we work and play to get to know what their internal resources and strengths are while supporting growth and healing.

Answer these questions...

• Does your child need help to develop strategies and skills for emotion regulation and getting their needs met in a healthy proactive way?

• Do they need help determining and utilizing strengths to become joyous and successful in their relationships and endeavors in life?

• Do you as a parent sometimes feel like you are lacking the confidence or skills you need to help your child?

• Do you as a parent feel you have read all the books and know the tools out there but, can’t get anything to work?

You are the most important ingredient. Child counseling is paired with a once per month parent support and check-in session geared towards supporting the work that happens in child counseling. We’ll work together to sort out challenges, go over strategies and create a useful plan that fits the needs of your child and family.

Here Are Some Reasons You Might Seek Support for Your Child

trauma/traumatic stress

Episodes of depression


Defiance, Anger & Irritability

Physical aggression & self-harm

School challenges

Grief & Bereavement

Transition & adjustment challenges

Lying & Manipulation

attachment challenges

social skills

lacking Self-esteem

Sexual Identity/Orientation

& so much more

Available Packages

*Custom packages available. Please schedule a consultation for pricing and package recommendation.

get on track

3 months  (12 sessions)

Are you planning on having a family and looking to explore worries, fears or ambivalence you might be experiencing about starting a family And raising a child? Do you and your partner have trouble navigating conversations around parenthood and parenting philosophy?

paving the way

6 months  (24 sessions)

This is the most widely chosen package For those who are looking to work through specific challenges in a timely and effective way, with masterful, straight forward and compassionate coaching that leads to results for your specific needs.

by your side

year (+2 months concierge on-demand support via text)

This package has you covered from beginning to end I have found that parents and couples enjoy a longer duration of time with me after having worked on some initial challenges. You will get an immersive and comprehensive. Experience with guided support, plus 2 months of concierge on-demand connection for Those in-the-moment situations with your child, teen or partner.

3 Step Formula for the Confident Parent

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Coaching & Support for Parents, Caregivers & Couples

Are you an individual parent, primary caregiver, or involved in co-parenting, and feel you might benefit from coaching? Maybe you are soon to be a parent and in need of support transitioning into the new role. Maybe you and your partner are coping with difficulties and would benefit from counseling.

No matter where you are in your journey, you’re sure to be experiencing joys as well as struggles, ups, and downs. Perhaps you are experiencing these challenges with your child and/or partner:

  • communicating effectively creating & maintaining boundaries
  • losing patience & keeping your cool during disagreements or upsetting moments
  • setting up and sustaining behavior plans with your child
  • negotiating & setting limits giving praise
  • connecting meaningfully with your child staying present and enjoying the moment

From the Parents

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