A growth centered therapeutic approach to thriving through the challenges of trauma and achieving joy in your relationships.

Are you a walking reaction? Triggered by even the smallest things your child, spouse or loved one does?  Does life feel like an endless game of whack-a-mole?  Are you tired of wondering why navigating relationships, decision-making, parenting or daily life seems easier to those around you?

If I have learned anything from my two decades of work helping people thrive it’s that if we don’t STOP and take time to heal ourselves, everyone around us is impacted.

Are you ready to get real? 

they call me "the parent whisperer"

Raising well adjusted and happy kids is not just about having the right approach or skills. To be the kind of parent you want to be and your kids deserve starts with your focus on nurturing the environment that your kids grow in and around…and that is YOU.

 Parents can curate their parenthood journey, meet their own needs, and make decisions for themselves and their family with the confidence and clarity that leads to the deep connection and thriving they desire.

Meet Dr. Victoria Grinman

I am Dr. Victoria, therapist, speaker and trainer to professionals and organizations all over the world. In my 17+ year career I’ve supported people of all ages and backgrounds, dubbed  the “parent whisperer”  for consistently generating relationship success between partners, and parents with kids. I have been  in the depths of what most of them are going through, not as a parent myself, but as a child.

Why Dr. Victoria?

I believe in an inquiry and kindness based mindset. Some of us are lucky enough to achieve a kind mind early in life, but most of us have to do some unlearning and conscious rewiring to obtain successful, healthy relationships with the people that matter most.

I can help you thrive. 

DR. Victoria helps people and organizations find the possibilities of growth in order to thrive within hardship.


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