Families with Special Needs

"My experience feels different than any other parent I know; I’m not sure what to do first or how to even begin.”

Are you a parent with a child with special needs or chronic conditions, struggling to find the right strategies to work with their specific challenges?

Do you have an Autistic child and feel alone and concerned about outcomes?

Are you or a family member struggling with Attention Challenges (ADHD) and having trouble creating the best support system?

My approach goes beyond techniques, breaking down the barriers to create lasting change.

I am an expert in the parenthood experience and posttraumatic growth experience of  parents of Autistic children. I work with individuals, families, children, and teens with special needs to help create healthy and successful family dynamics while navigating the challenges of special needs. In addition to tips and strategies for parents and siblings of children with special needs, I specialize in putting a lens on the parenthood journey. I help to break down the patterns and functions, and how being a parent of a person with a chronic condition or special needs affects those dynamics.

My approach is unique because we go beyond simply implementing strategies. Many of my clients have already worked with coaches and therapists, and can’t seem to find something that will stick.

I help you to break down the why behind those sticky patterns so we can craft a unique strategy that works. It is a comprehensive service rather than a one size fits all bandaid solution. I help you to clear the cobwebs in your mind that act as blinders to sustaining what you have learned from previous coaches, books, and advisors. Sometimes those blind spots present themselves due to personal traumas and engrained survival techniques you may not know exist. Together, we can uncover those blind spots to create the special ingredient you need for a lasting change.

I can help with a variety of ages, conditions, and abilities.

I can help parents with the following issues and more:

  • Your child has attachment difficulties
  • Your child is difficult to comfort
  • Your child is rejecting one or both parents and not wanting to be around them
  • Your child has severe separation anxiety and withdrawal
  • Your child has suffered from abuse and neglect in their past
  • As a parent, you are generally experiencing stress, lacking in confidence, and have high anxiety around parenting

What parents can learn from working with me:

  • concrete parenting skills
  • learn how to play with your child
  • coping with anger

What parents and children can gain from learning these skills:

  • decrease parent and child anxiety
  • positive self-esteem
  • parent/child bond
  • increasing joy and positive behaviors

I can help parents with children with the following issues and more:

  • noncompliance
  • difficulties at school
  • negative attention-seeking behavior

What parents can learn from working with me:

  • How to address aggressive behaviors
  • How to teach your child to be more self-directive through effective discipline strategies
  • How to collaborate with teachers and staff

What parents and children can gain from learning these skills:

  • Improving behaviors in school
  • Improve overall behavior
  • Improve independence

I can help parents with the following issues:

  • Childhood anxiety
  • Difficulties bouncing back
  • Big emotions and emotional swings

What parents can learn from working with me:

  • Psycho-education on childhood anxiety
  • learning how to increase child resilience
  • support and improving parent self-confidence
  • concrete parenting skills to deal with behaviors and big emotions

What parents can gain from learning these skills:

  • Knowing what to do when emotions are running high
  • Confidence in parenting abilities and strategies
  • Increased childhood joy and security
  • Coping skills for anxiety and other big emotions for the child

From the Parents

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