Trauma Informed Strategies in Children & Adolescents: A Bottom- Up Approach

10oct8:30 am4:30 pmTrauma Informed Strategies in Children & Adolescents: A Bottom- Up Approach

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CEU Approved Course

Many children experience numerous situations that impact their assumptions of safety in the world and in their bodies. Bullying, parental divorce, separation, an accident, loss of a loved one and so many other adverse childhood experiences have the potential to be life altering and distressing. Traumatic stress impacts kids differently, making it a challenge to identify and respond in the most beneficial ways. With the right knowledge, tools, and appropriate use of self, you can support them in healing, resiliency and growth.

This unique workshop integrates cutting–edge knowledge and research about traumatic stress, the brain–body connection, and how yoga and mindfulness practices help to rewire the brain for healthier and more resilient functioning and reconnection (now expanded from the two-hour course). You will engage in a conversation about developmental, physiological and neurological aspects of traumatic stress, as well as gain a deeper knowledge base about what it means to be a trauma–informed practitioner, and engage in experientially based techniques that are sure to enrich and transform your already established practice or teaching style. This workshop is equally accessible to practitioners and parents who have no experience to those who have extensive experience with yoga and mindfulness. You’ll be equipped with the why and the how of implementing new skills into your work and your interactions with kids.

• Describe trauma from a developmental, physiological and psychological perspective
• Distinguish the signs, behaviors and symptoms associated with traumatic stress in children
• Explore the effects of trauma on the brain–body connection, and how yoga and mindfulness helps to rewire the brain for healing, resilience and growth
• Implement trauma–informed yoga and mindfulness techniques and practices to support safety, awareness and connection to self and others
• Support children and adolescents in identifying triggers, soothing their nervous system, and awakening their capacity to make good choices
• Identify how to respond to resistance when sharing yoga and mindfulness with children
• Integrate skills into daily life and support parents in making the most of their bond together


(Monday) 8:30 am - 4:30 pm


Adria Hotel and Conference Center 221-17 Northern Blvd, Bayside NY

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