Boston Higashi School - Post Traumatic Growth - January Virtual Parent Training

janBoston Higashi School - Post Traumatic Growth - January Virtual Parent Training

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*This is a private event for Boston Higashi Parents only.
3 Part Series
Jan 6
Jan 13
Jan 20

Google Meet information is being sent via email the day before and the day of each meeting. We plan to record each meeting and will send recordings to all parents after each training. Please try to arrive to the Google Meet at least 15mins early to allow time for you to gain access and be ready for the presentations.

Are you constantly overwhelmed with worry about dealing with the next thing?

Are you privately dealing with loneliness and isolation in the journey, like no one would understand your fear and what you’re going through?

Are you worried about the future?

Do you ever wish someone could reassure you that everything is going to be OK for you and for your child?
Have you answered Yes to one or all of these?
The parenthood experience can feel like climbing a mountain with no top in sight – it can be challenging and joyous, all at the same time. With a kiddo with Autism, it’s even more complicated. This three part series will be a conscious conversation led by posttraumatic growth expert Victoria Grinman and Higashi Mom guide and founder of Moms Spectrum Oasis Heidi Rome. Join us for a journey of exploration, laughter and connection. We will engage in conscious conversations about posttraumatic growth as it relates to a parent’s journey while raising a child with Autism. You will be left inspired, supported and with new tools to keep you even stronger and more peaceful, no matter where you are on your journey.


Month Long Event (january)


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