Together we will focus on understanding your relationships with yourselves, so you can better show up for each other and your relationship.

Ask Yourself...

  • Are you at a turning point in life, and donʼt know how to best proceed together?
  • Are you new to your marriage or about to be married?
  • Are you in a long-term relationship, but dealing with an unexpected hurdle in life? Are you feeling stuck and can’t agree on a decision?
  • Are seemingly small matters turning into large confrontations?
  • Are you in a relationship in which one or both partners are diagnosed with a personality disorder, and having a hard time navigating your relationship? (Narcissism, PD, Borderline PD)

I specialize in working with couples that are navigating the unknown.

Maybe you are new and trying to navigate your transition from girlfriend/boyfriend to marriage or marriage to family, or you are more experienced but dealing with unexpected challenges, children with special needs, infidelity, or navigating personality disorders in relationships.

My role is to help you understand your relationships with yourselves and how your past has influenced you now so that you and both can bring your best self to this relationship. Through this integration of the whole self, I believe the relationship can thrive. I help you both to evaluate your relationship from an unbiased view. What are the goals and needs of each party? How can we meet them? I teach you how to communicate those needs in a way that the relationship will thrive.

I help you to cultivate success in the way that you both envision it. I help you to grow through the inevitable changes relationships go through in time and changing perspectives to work with those changes instead of struggling through them or staying stagnant.

What Kind of Outcomes Can We Work Towards Together?


Decision making
Conflict resolution
More emotional intimacy
Boundary setting
Repairing ruptured trust
Understanding each other’s needs
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