Coaching for Healthcare Professionals

Whether you want to create your practice or you want to level up an established practice, I can help you put your dreams into action.

I help you put the You in Your practice. There is no one size fits all fix, our work together is highly personalized.

The most common roadblocks to creating a successful private practice are:

  1. You don’t think you can do it
  2. You don’t know how to do it

Are you...

  • A motivated therapist, coach, or health care professional looking to create a successful practice, but feeling like you’re scattered? Are you having trouble creatively approaching your business?
  • Having a hard time communicating your ‘why’?
  • Wanting to start your own private practice or become a speaker?
  • Incredibly smart and creative, but having trouble harnessing your influence in a way that feels right?


  • Do you need help making connections to be a successful business?
  • Do you want to create multiple revenue streams that you can have fun with?

If yes...

Then I will help you to break down your barriers and give you the tools you need to create a profitable, diverse business you love.


Training & Seminars

Learn how to support your clients or employees, improve staff confidence, and increase employee health, happiness, and retention.

Are you looking to provide high-value, effective presentations and trainings to your staff?

I will deliver actionable information in the time frame that works best for you. Each seminar is built especially for your organization.

My trainings and seminars are highly experiential and hands-on. Your staff will leave inspired, hopeful, and seeing new possibilities for themselves and patients with tangible building blocks to get there.


Available Time Frames for Your Individual Needs:

2 hour

4 hour

Full day (8 hours)

2-3 days (immersive experience)

Each agency, organization, or school receives an individualized program either chosen or built specifically for their needs (a la carte).

As opposed to a one-time training, I believe in a sustainable relationship that fosters trust and independence in implementing strategies to embed it into the culture of the organization.

Seminar/Workshop Successes

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