Are you ready for a change, but unsure what is getting in the way?

Do You Find...

  • Your personal relationships posing issues?
  • Traumatic experiences associated with your past affecting your current relationships?
  • You have a hard time managing emotions?
  • Yourself a people pleaser?
  • That you dislike confrontation and struggle setting boundaries?
  • Yourself struggling to feel happy in your relationships or in your life? 
  • Yourself wanting to experience more joy and fulfillment?

Success Stories

There are very few relationships we have like the client-therapist. It is different from family, friends, and mentors. Having this space can be a necessary and supportive tool in working through trauma, examining patterns, and creating sustainable change. Our relationship is one of the only ones where you can take a huge step back from catering to the needs of others, and have the freedom and permission to focus solely on yourself. We do so much thinking about others and how others feel and what their needs are, I make it a priority in my practice to guide you back to focusing on you. Compassion is my superpower.

Beginning with our very first interaction, emphasis is placed on authenticity, relationship, connection, and being attuned to where you are and your self-described goals. I provide support for what challenges you while guiding you in the creation and nurturing of the possibilities you want for yourself and your life.

My approach is highly insight-oriented and action-focused to get you the results you desire. As a result of working with me, some clients have said to have gained clarity, made decisions without experiencing self-doubt, experienced true joy, had a deeper connection with themselves and others, and feel they live a life of power and authenticity.

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