Meet Dr. Victoria Grinman, Growth Strategist

I am Dr. Victoria, therapist, speaker and trainer to professionals and organizations all over the world. In my 17+ year career I’ve supported people of all ages and backgrounds, dubbed  the “parent whisperer”  for consistently generating relationship success between partners, and parents with kids. I have been  in the depths of what most of them are going through, not as a parent myself, but as a child. 

As a refugee immigrant, I had a compelling, loving and unique childhood. Even with boundless support and encouragement, I experienced relationships with adults who I perceived had big emotions, and therefore I felt I couldn’t have mine. I spent much of my younger years oscillating between the questions: “Am I lovable?” and “ Am I enough?” These questions  followed me into  my chosen relationships, the most significant one being the relationship I have with myself.  In my work I have witnessed kids suffering in their childhood because their parents do not know how to meet their own needs enough to be aware of and meet the needs of their child. I have been with parents who want joy and peace for their child but have no clue how to help them get there. I want this cycle in families to end and I know how to help it. I have been doing the work one family at a time and now I am on a mission to support many families at one time so we can put an end to the cycle of  intergenerational trauma. 

I am a dual-Licensed Clinical Social Worker in New York and Massachusetts, with more than 17+ years of experience working and collaborating with people of all life stages and circumstances in various settings, including a premier school for kids and teens with various life and learning perspectives in NY. I earned my BA in Psychology and Social Work from Adelphi University and an MSW from Columbia School of Social Work and received my doctoral degree from Adelphi University School of Social Work. I am energized by my contributions as a lecturer at Boston College School of Social Work, Columbia School of Social Work, and Adelphi University School of Social Work. My research has focused on trauma, parenting, post-traumatic growth, and Autism.

The scope of focus in my work remains in the realms of trauma, parenting, anxiety, autism, and special populations, specifically individuals and groups that have differences in abilities and life perspectives, and their families. I utilize a unique approach that is informed by theory and grounded in a holistic, strengths-based perspective. I am a Certified Family Trauma Professional (CFTP), trained child and adolescent yoga instructor through Little Flower Yoga, a Yoga Alliance Certified program, and a certified aromatherapist through New York Institute of Aromatherapy (NYIOA).

My fervor for promoting empowerment and disseminating knowledge has contributed to activism in the community and partnership with organizations and universities. I guest lecture and lead workshops for organizations such as New York Therapy Placement Services and am a national lecturer in the PESI family, speaking on trauma, resilience, parenting, development, post-traumatic growth, and body-based approaches to healing from the bottom-up. I’ve also contributed to writing social-emotional curriculum for in-school programs and organizations including EI. Read what others are saying.

I am a longtime volunteer as a clinician for Experience Camps, an organization that focuses on supporting kids coping with their grief. It is a transformative one week per summer program with locations all over the country that brings people together that “get it” for the “best week of the year”.


My approach is formulated from a variety of modalities, specifically designed to address your unique needs.

There are very few relationships we have like the client-therapist. It is different from family, friends, and mentors. Having this space can be a necessary and supportive tool in working through trauma, examining patterns, and creating sustainable change. Our relationship is one of the only ones where you can take a huge step back from catering to the needs of others, and have the freedom and permission to focus solely on yourself. We do so much thinking about others and how others feel and what their needs are, I make it a priority in my practice to guide you back to focusing on you. Compassion is my superpower. Beginning with our very first interaction, emphasis is placed on authenticity, relationship, connection, and being attuned to where you are and your self-described goals. I provide support for what challenges you while guiding you in the creation and nurturing of the possibilities you want for yourself and your life. My approach is highly insight-oriented and action-focused to get you the results you desire. As a result of working with me, some clients have said to have gained clarity, made decisions without experiencing self-doubt, experienced true joy, had a deeper connection with themselves and others, and feel they live a life of power and authenticity.

On a Personal Note

I’m an avid traveler, enjoy creating with my hands, moments with loved ones, comedy, film, a personal yoga practice, and never-ending exploration into the inner workings of the mind. I am a momma of a puppy named Vanna Goh Goh (after the famous Van Gogh for her droopy ear when we met her). My safe space is anywhere I am surrounded by books. I have a knack for singing and acting, and will always remember my first collaborative performance art experience. I am also the owner of Grinmoments Photography, which uses photography to capture life’s moments and create opportunities for people to be empowered.

I believe in an individual’s inner strengths and resilience, and my focus is to connect my clients to that inner guidance. My hope is to share as much as I can with the community. Every individual is valuable, special, possess strengths, and has the capability to find the resources within to reach their desired potential.

Victoria helps people and organizations to become resilient, finding the possibilities of growth in order to thrive within hardship.

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A retrospective exploration of the experience, interpretation and perception of growth in parents of young adults
diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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