Hi, I’m Dr. Victoria

I’m a relationship strategist and posttraumatic growth expert with intuition and a knack for unpacking the most challenging situations in the most empowering way.

I help people get real with themselves so they can experience authentic joy and fulfillment in their most important relationships.

Getting real with yourself means being honest and kind at the same time. When you can hold honesty and acceptance, anything is truly possible…

So often we make decisions based on fear. Many of us behave a certain way because we are anxious or afraid of what will happen to those around us if we tell the truth. It is not uncommon to feel like everyone else’s life is so much better than what we have going on.

We make conclusions and choices based on beliefs that are a lie. A made-up story in our minds about what we need to do, be, have – in order to have a good life and fulfilling relationships.

But here’s the truth; real change doesn’t start out there with the world. Not even with our friends and family or in our homes.

Unshakeable change and true joy begins within you.

Learning to get to know the different parts of ourselves and mastering our emotional experience in life is the access to the peace within we so crave.

A little bit about me

As a refugee immigrant, I had a compelling, loving and unique childhood. I had boundless support and encouragement, and like many also experienced relationships in which I felt there was little space for my emotions. 

I spent much of my younger years oscillating between the questions: “Am I lovable?” and “Am I enough?” These questions  followed me into my chosen relationships, and curated my experience with the most significant one being the relationship I have with myself. 

I know first hand the impact that someone’s own relationship with themselves has on their children and family. I have compassion for the ones that try hard and still can’t seem to get it “right”. I often witness the pure joy that is possible when we get real about what’s happening and learn how to powerfully choose our new beginnings.


Each moment we are given a new chance to choose who we want to be in the world. How we choose impacts what we get. 

I often like to ask myself the question: Did I come this far to come this far?

We  all need someone in our corner to empower us beyond the point we feel we can no longer go. I know that with the right mentor, coach and trained psychotherapist… 

you can enjoy the freedom of being yourself.

Alongside expertise and extensive training, I developed the GET REAL method to help people lead authentic lives and have the relationships they’ve always wanted. 

Credentials & Academic Background

I am a NY based psychotherapist, coach and trainer with more than 17+ years of experience working and collaborating with people of all life stages and circumstances and organizations all over the world. I earned my BA in Psychology and Social Work from Adelphi University and an MSW from Columbia School of Social Work and received my doctoral degree from Adelphi University School of Social Work. I am affiliated with a  variety of academic organizations and research focus on posttraumatic growth, parenthood and Autism.  

On a Personal Note

I’m an avid traveler, enjoy creating with my hands, moments with loved ones, comedy, film, a personal yoga and meditation practice, and never-ending exploration into the inner workings of the mind. I am a fur-mom to a sassy yorkie named  Vanna. My happy place is room with a reading chair, records and a book I can get lost in. I am most joyous behind a camera, singing or hosting a meal with my closest.

I believe in an individual’s inner strengths and resilience, and my focus is to connect people to that inner guidance.  Every individual is valuable, special, possess strengths, and has the capability to find the resources within to reach their desired potential.


A retrospective exploration of the experience, interpretation and perception of growth in parents of young adults
diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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